Review: A Ruinous Fate by Kaylie Smith


The story follows Calla Rosewood, a young witch who left her coven four years ago to avoid a dangerous curse. She has been living in secrecy with her best friends, Hannah and Delphine, ever since. Calla’s skin displays marks that indicate her past rolls of the Witch’s Dice, which suggest that she is close to fulfilling the legend of becoming the last Blood Warrior. After a night of betrayal by her ex, Ezra, Calla meets Gideon, a man who offers her the chance to erase her previous rolls. Gideon needs Calla’s help gathering ingredients to perform the spell, and the group enters the deadly Neverending Forest on their mission. Calla’s ex, Ezra, also joins them. The forest is treacherous, and the group faces many challenges, but Delphine’s magic helps them see past some of the forest’s trickery.


The world-building and magic system of this story are fantastic, creating a unique and immersive world filled with magical beings and abilities. The idea of rolling magical dice six times throughout one’s life adds a layer of intrigue and tension to the story, as the outcomes of these rolls can completely change one’s destiny. The setting is further enhanced by the dangerous and enchanted forest that Calla and her companions journey through, adding an element of danger and adventure to the plot.

The characters in this story are dynamic and complex, making them all the more interesting to follow. Calla is a fantastic protagonist, fierce and determined in her quest to stop a prophecy from coming true. Her relationship with her two best friends, Hannah and Delphine, is heartwarming as they form a found family and support each other through their outcast status. Calla’s love-hate relationship with Ezra adds a layer of tension and complexity to the story, while her deep connection with Gideon provides a sense of calm amid the chaos.

The themes explored in this story are also intriguing, particularly the concept of fate versus choice. As Calla and her companions search for a way to stop the prophecy from coming true, they are forced to confront the idea of whether their destiny is set in stone or if they have the power to change it. The theme of acceptance is also explored, as the characters learn to embrace their flaws and work together towards a common goal.

The plot of this story is high stakes and engrossing, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns. The ending is particularly shocking and leaves readers eager to find out what happens next. The combination of the plot, characters, and world-building makes this book an exciting and entertaining read.

The diverse cast of characters in this story each have their own unique personalities and quirks that make them stand out. Delphine’s sharp wit and humor never failed to entertain me, while Caspian’s charming demeanor added a layer of charisma to the group. Gideon’s calm and collected personality often gave way to suggestive comments, which kept things interesting. Whenever the group came together, their natural banter created a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere that drew me in. Despite their differences, the misfit group worked surprisingly well together. As their journey continued and the stakes got higher, I loved seeing how each personality clashed with others in the group. It was fascinating to watch them shine individually and also bounce off each other in unexpected ways.

Calla’s relationship with Ezra is more complicated, full of playful banter and tension that adds to the story’s intrigue. The other characters, like Caspian and Kestral, are also captivating in their own right. One of the things that makes this story work so well is how each character contrasts and complements each other, creating a dynamic and engaging group. The story explores the various relationships between the characters, both old and new, and highlights the interesting dynamics that arise. Despite their flaws and imperfections, each character plays a crucial role in the story, making them all the more fascinating to follow.

This book is a captivating start to what seems to be a promising series. The plot is filled with excitement, suspense, and action that kept me hooked until the very end. The characters are fantastic, flawed, and each with their own unique role in the story, making them interesting to follow. The world-building is vivid, making the magical setting come alive. I was thoroughly impressed with the author’s ability to weave all of these elements together seamlessly to create a story that’s hard to put down. The cliffhanger at the end of the book was a great way to leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment. Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an enthralling read.



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