Review: In Darkness Forged By Kenley Davidson


Aislin, burdened by an unpayable debt, is sent by her merciless lord to the land of Dunmaren, where she must plead with the night elves for a favor. In exchange for their help, the shapeshifters demand a steep cost, but Aislin is willing to do anything to save her family. Despite the dangers of traveling alone through a forest of monsters, she is not completely alone as she is joined by Talyn, a night elf seeking revenge against his own kind.

Talyn is a skilled warrior with dangerous magic, but he is forced to serve as Aislin’s guide and protector if he wants to gain his freedom. Initially disdainful of her perceived weakness, Talyn soon realizes that Aislin possesses a strength he never expected. As they journey deeper into the dangerous Darkspring, they forge an unlikely bond and confront a formidable enemy.

Though few have ever returned from the depths of the Darkspring, Aislin and Talyn must rely on their determination and courage to overcome the danger that awaits them.


This is going to be a very short review.

I’m uncertain why I decided to read this book while I was already reading one of author’s other series, Legends of Abreia and found it very subpar. Perhaps it was the idea of night elves that piqued my curiosity, as I had never read anything inspired by Warcraft characters before. Compared to Faceless Mage, In Darkness Forged was a much more satisfying read. While I found the premise and timing of the quest to be unconvincing, I began to appreciate the story once Aislin began her journey.

I found Aislin’s character very likable due to her determination, loyalty, and level-headedness. She faced her challenges without complaint and remained optimistic. On the other hand, I disliked Charys, Aislin’s mother, who checked out of her responsibilities and indirectly blamed her daughter for the situation. Talyn, the male lead, was an okay character, but I didn’t feel particularly impressed or put off by him. At the beginning, his constant comparison of Aislin to his dead sister was cringeworthy, especially since I knew they were going to become romantic interests. However, as the story progressed, the author wisely abandoned this theme.


In Darkness Forged is a lighthearted read with nothing novel but the characters in it made the book endearing.



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