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She invited in the darkness, so she had no one else to blame…when I came for her.
It was a sinister game of submission. The Hunt.
She’d run. I’d chase. And when I caught her…
Primal. Untamed. Merciless.
I’ve been watching her.
Stalking her.
I will become the beast from her darkest fantasies.
Hunting her from behind a stag’s mask made of bone.
Preying on her secret need for primal play.

I should be protecting her, but I’m not.
Instead… I am a Heathen.
And she is an innocent who chose this.
And if she made a mistake?
If she wants to try and escape me? Escape The Hunt?
It’s far too late.
She’s mine now. Run.


Reviewed by Nethra Deckland

What a deceptive little synopsis! Serves me right though, trying to explore darker books. If Dee was here she’d be laughing out of her ass, for sure. God, I miss you babe!!!!!!

When I went into the book, I was under the impression this was supposed be a story that’s built around the premise of The Hunt. However it turned out to be yet another Alphahole Daddy drama dark romance. The so called Hunt was just dedicated to not more than three chapters of the entire book and it was too short and fell flat. I am all for dark romance books but Heathens didn’t just do it for me.

The BDSM scenes were not what I expected. They almost fell like torture sessions. There were no safe words. No consent in most scenes. That’s not what DBSM is about. Trust me I know! If you don’t know already, our darling Dee was The Queen of Domination. She was a supreme Rigger that taught us many dark yet sensual things about BDSM and that woman knew knots even sailors wouldn’t know. lol!!! At the end of the book I began to question whether the author actually had any real life BDSM experience at all.

I am actually not into the age gap trope. Therefore it took the rating of this book, down by another notch. I love myself a domineering man but I always question how long this book heroes can carry out “You are mine” trope every second of the day without exhausting themselves. Also I am not really sure whether the author and I agree on the definition of strong and independent woman.

I am sorry but Heathens was a very disappointing book.


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