Review: House of Bane and Blood by Alexis L. Menard





In a city split into two opposing sides, power comes in many bloodlines, money, love, and—most importantly—secrets.

An heiress in the most notorious family in Lynchaven, Camilla Marchese is doing all she can to keep her family’s syndicate, the Iron Saint Railway, from slipping into bankruptcy. When the gorgeous and depraved Nicolai Attano, the leader of a rival family, offers to pay off the Inspector in exchange for her hand, she has no choice but to give up not only her throne—but her name.

Nico has his own motivations for their union beyond maintaining peace with her family. A serial kidnapper known as The Collector has been ravaging the streets of Remnant Row, stirring up mistrust between natives and descendants. If Milla can help restore safety to his streets, he’ll have no need for her or her family’s company. Find the Collector, prevent a war between their sides of the city, and pay off the family debt before she turns twenty-one. If Milla can fulfill her end of the bargain, she’ll walk away with more freedom than she’s ever had before.

But this deal plunges Milla into the city’s dark underbelly where remnant magic and arcane science compete in a deadly game of depravity. When forbidden feelings rise for her new husband and dark family secrets come to light, Milla must discover the truth about her past before it gets them both killed or worse—collected.


Reviewed by: Dakota Watson 

This book was a perfect combination of suspense, mystery, action, spice and romance. Set in a post industrial fantasy setting with a pinch of ancient magic, the story although not complex flowed smoothly from start to finish giving tiny sneak peaks into what the future installments have in store for us. It also gave out a strong mafia vibe akin to Peaky Blinders though the story isn’t related to the subject. The story was well thought out making this book a page turner. Magic system was great as well.

The characters were well fleshed out, especially the main ones. The female main lead Milla (Camilla Marchese) is a strong, intelligent, well articulated, calculating and grounded young woman. She is impossible not to fall in love with as a protagonist. Although a bit biased and prejudiced she also could be open mined and reasoned with when it came down to making serious decisions.

Nico was right. You are a handful.”

“No, Gideon, I am a boss, and I am about to negotiate to get yours back.”

Nicolai Attano… Oh my my my! What a character he was. From the beginning he was solid. Most of the time when romance authors try to write an ‘Alpha male’, they come across as either cocky or arrogant or sometimes both. However Alexis superbly managed to make Nicolai’s character come across as nothing but confident. He was goal oriented with a good head on his shoulders, loyal and resourceful.

The chemistry and physical intimacy between these two characters were credible, heart warming and left me wanting more.

Mystery and suspense elements were another strong point in this story. There was so much going on which made you wonder what was going to happen next at every turn. Even though some of the magical elements or creatures such as Bleeders were not original, the author managed to spin them in such a way you didn’t just see them as just vampires.

All in all, House of Bane and Blood was a great book that makes you fall in love with the dark romance genre. The next installment couldn’t come any sooner!


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