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In the enchanting realm of Rebels Flame by Bria Lexor, Olivia Canmore’s ordinary existence takes a fantastical turn when Prince Sixus Westin inadvertently whisks her away to his kingdom of Tellus. Struggling for survival alongside her loyal dragon companions, Olivia discovers an extraordinary destiny linked to Tellus. As war looms threateningly, she must master the art of piloting the formidable Aeon Dra Mech and unravel the mysteries of her origins. Can Olivia uncover the truth in time to save Tellus from impending destruction? Embark on a riveting journey where magic, dragons, and destiny collide in this gripping fantasy tale.


Reviewed by Dakota Watson

Rebels Flame by Bria Lexor is a extremely short, but I am very sorry to say, a terrible book. In fact I was really surprised to see this author has written over sixty books because this book read like a creative writing assignment of a seventh grader. The world building was nowhere to be found and the sentence structuring was extremely bad. There was no depth to the characters at all. The conversations were clunky and unnatural. There was no real character development or world development. Nothing was explained properly. The author just droned on as if she wanted to finish the book as fast as possible. I didn’t know I could dnf a book that’s only about 100 pages long but I got bored really quickly, i.e is around fiftieth page. This book is the prime example of how a pretty cover can be deceptive.

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