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When a down on her luck chef accepts a job working for a reclusive, grumpy tech genius, the last thing she needs is to fall in love with her enigmatic boss. This steamy, grumpy/sunshine romantic comedy brings the laughter, the heat, and all the feels from award-winning, USA Today Bestselling author, Emma Lee Jayne.


Reviewed by Dakota Watson

Sense & Irritability by Emma Lee Jayne is a very short stand alone contemporary feel good rom com novel. It isn’t a think piece. It doesn’t have any hot af alphaholes or strong hard ass smart mouth heroines. It doesn’t have an intricate plot. It’s just an ordinary everyday girl meeting a boy and how they fall in love. Simple as that. This book was so good, I finished it in one sitting and put it down with a light heart and a stupidly huge grin on my face.

Lily, the FMC, is a talented chef, who is on the verge of bankruptcy filled with dreams of a better future. Her character is so relatable and credible. Although she is going through financial struggles and family drama, she’s confident and strives for more.

And Ian, oh my god, Ian. I used to know the exact female version of him. Filthy rich, recluse, didn’t know she was brilliant, extremely private, held steadfast on boundaries, creepily silent enough to make strangers uncomfortable, a control freak, a walking talking encyclopedia, a genius in every way possible, socially awkward as hell, and a heart of gold that would amaze you once she lets you in . Ironically, she was the owner of this site and one of my best friends. She left us and this world two months back taking our hearts with her and reading Ian’s story was like having another small chance at being with my friend again. So I am extremely partial when I say, Ian was PERFECT!

The sisterly dynamic between Lily and Trinity was beautifully written. Spoiler alert! I loved the text message conversations the characters had, a lot. Like, A LOT! They were extremely realistic and funny as hell at times. The chemistry between Ian and Lily felt genuine and not rushed at all. Even the physical intimacy scenes were relatable with no exaggerations.

The ending of the book was perfect as well. I honestly imagined my best friend instead of Ian, living that life because if anyone deserved a happy ending, it was her. This was a brilliant little book that tugged at my heart in all the good ways possible. Highly recommended!

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