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Newly crowned as king, Keris has watched powerless as his forbidden relationship with Zarrah is revealed. But when Zarrah is imprisoned by the Empress, Keris knows there is only one way to save to ally with the kingdom he nearly destroyed.

Imprisoned on the dreaded Devil’s Island, Zarrah faces two prove her loyalty to the Empress who condemned her or die a traitor. Yet as she struggles to survive among violent prisoners, Zarrah uncovers a third a rebellion to overthrow tyranny entwined with a destiny she must fight to claim.

While the Empress plots a war with devastating consequences, Keris and Zarrah must find their way back to each other. Yet their greatest adversary is the fiery passion between them. Unless they overcome the bitterness of betrayal, their love will not be the bringer of peace but rather the fuel that turns the Endless War into an inferno.


Reviewed by Dakota Watson

I am certain of one thing at this point. I will follow Danielle L. Jensen into war without a blink of an eye! Because whether it is Petra, Silas, Aren, Lara, Keris or Zarrah she knows how to form a cohesive battle plan that would ensure we are victorious with intricate and breathtaking maneuvers.

The ever evolving relationship between Keris and Zarrah kept me on turning page after page, with its delicious tension and moments of heart stopping intimacy (let’s just say, Ms. Jensen delivered on the “swoon worthy spice” front!). But The Endless War wasn’t just about forbidden love. It was a masterclass in world building, weaving intricate political machinations and heart pounding military strategies into the fabric of this war torn land. The story unfolded with a richness and depth that left me feeling truly invested in the fate of these characters. Jensen’s prose is simply captivating. Each page shimmered with vivid imagery, transporting me to this fantastical world. It felt less like reading and more like experiencing the story firsthand, the clash of steel, the sting of betrayal, the exhilarating rush of a well executed plan. By the end, I felt a pang of loss – not just for the characters, but for the world Jensen had so meticulously crafted.

Witnessing the evolution of the characters’ relationships was a particular joy. The blossoming camaraderie between Aren and Keris, forging an unlikely yet heartwarming bond of “brotherhood-in-law”, warmed my heart. Lara’s mending relationship with Keris tugged at my heartstrings. Their journey from fractured siblings to tentative allies, eventually reaching a place of understanding and support, felt genuine and deeply satisfying. Keris and Zarrah’s love story, however, stole the show. It was a slow burn, fraught with complications and forbidden desires. Yet, their connection resonated with an undeniable authenticity, making their eventual moments of intimacy all the more powerful. Unlike the whirlwind romance of Aren and Lara, Keris and Zarrah’s love felt deeply rooted in shared experiences, mutual respect, and a profound understanding of each other’s struggles. This complexity added a layer of depth and emotional resonance to their journey, making it a truly captivating element of the novel.

Zarrah’s growth in The Endless War was truly phenomenal! Gone was the impulsive, naive girl we encountered in the previous book. In her place stood a woman forged in the fires of hardship, her spirit tempered by war and responsibility. Witnessing her transformation, from a pawn on the battlefield to someone with the potential to be a wise and capable leader, was utterly captivating. Particularly striking was her evolution regarding Keris’s sacrifices. Previously, she saw his actions as stripping her of agency, a point of contention between them. But in The Endless War, a newfound maturity bloomed. She began to understand the weight of his choices, the selflessness that fueled them. This acceptance added a beautiful layer of depth to their relationship, a testament to their growing emotional connection. It solidified Zarrah not just as a captivating character, but as someone truly worthy of standing by Keris’s side, both in love and in leadership.

At this point it is needless to say Keris is one of my favorite book boy friends (I seriously want to have his babies lol!). It was refreshing to see his character growth in this book. He finally grasped that Zarrah wasn’t a damsel in distress, but a strong woman capable of making her own choices. This shift from rescuer to equal partner was beautifully portrayed. He learned to trust Zarrah’s judgment, respecting her strength and resourcefulness. This newfound respect not only strengthened their bond but also made him a far more effective leader. It truly was a testament to his character development, solidifying him as both a swoon worthy hero and a wise ruler.

The Endless War wasn’t without its stumbles. Arjun’s backstory felt a little underdeveloped. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, for some grand betrayal. Thank god it never came. The inclusion of cannibalism in Daria’s tribe on Devil’s Island was another interesting choice. On the surface, it certainly served to highlight the depths of human depravity in the face of desperate survival. It painted a stark picture of how war can strip away even the most basic human decency. However beyond that initial shock value, it didn’t seem to have a major impact on the overall plot. Perhaps it was meant to foreshadow the lengths some might go to in the coming conflict, or maybe it served as a world-building element, showcasing the diverse and often brutal realities within the Bridge Kingdom. Ultimately, the reason for its inclusion remains a bit open to interpretation.

Despite these minor issue I had with the book, I immensely enjoyed The Endless War and how everything wrapped up so nicely for Zarrah and Keris. I can’t wait to read what Jensen has in store for us with Ahnna’s story in the future installment.

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