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For years Erik, the scarred king of the Ever Kingdom, has thought of nothing but vengeance against the man who killed his father and trapped him beneath the waves, making him a prisoner in his own realm.

Until his enemy’s daughter unintentionally breaks the chains on the Ever, and Erik makes her the unwitting pawn in his vicious game of revenge.

She’s innocent. He’s vicious. But he will take back what he lost, no matter the price.

Unless she steals his heart first.


Reviewed by Nethra Deckland

The Ever King was an absolute delight to read. It was a perfect blend of adventure, action, suspense, mystery, romance and spice. Although most of the sea voyage scenes were heavily influenced by The Pirates of The Caribbean movies (Thank you my darling Dee!) this Viking inspired book sucked me into it’s beautiful world and story from the very beginning.

I loved the world building and character development. The writing was beautiful. Also all character interactions were beautifully crafted. I loved the camaraderie of Livia, her cousins and friends, though it was short lived, and the friendships of The Ever Ship Crew. I really loved how Livia and Erik gradually began to see a different side to each of their enemies as time went on, how they were also humane, not just some brutal monsters like they have been told.

Livia was a brilliant female main character. She was fierce, intelligent and rational. She knew how to navigate emotional murky waters and wasn’t afraid to admit she also had a dark side.

Erik, too, was perfectly portrayed. He was the definition of morally grey incarnate. He wasn’t ashamed of or regret being brutal and blood thirsty. He knew his boundaries and the repercussion of crossing those said lines.

The chemistry between Erik and Livia was just perfect. All their interactions were beautifully written and let’s not even talk about the spicy scenes! Swoon worthy!!!

Not that there wasn’t any plot holes in the story. I didn’t understand (minor spoiler ahead) why Erik gave Livia the king’s mantle as a child if it was so important. Perhaps he was ignorant of it’s importance. This was never explained properly. There were also some other minor things I had questions about but with everything going on in the story they could be easily overlooked.

The cast of side characters such as Mira, Celine, Gavin, Alek, Jonas and Sanders were great addition to the story. Like I said before I really enjoyed their camaraderie.

I really enjoyed reading The Ever King, especially after a few epic failures of books I read right before this. I need the sequel right now! Great book!

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