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Despite Ethan Mather’s narrow escape from a magical attack, he refuses to give up his political ambitions and to stop making public appearances. Unable to convince him of the dangers, Stella Aldren steps into untested waters and hires a pack of wolf shifters to act as his bodyguards.

But even the wolves can’t guarantee Ethan’s safety, and with two warring covens hunting him down—one that wants to probe him for information about their stolen athame, and another wanting him dead—the man is careening down a perilous path.

As Stella and Ethan’s relationship steams up and the enemies close in, it becomes critical they unlock Ethan’s spellbound magic, even if doing so threatens to bring the duo closer to a magical pairing—a powerful but perilous fate, especially for two witches who don’t need yet another way to die.


Reviewed by Nethra Deckland

The second book of A. S. Green’s Cursed Descendants series, Villainous Magic proved to be a great second book, although, once again, very short. All the magical elements I loved in the first book was carried forward seamlessly into this one as well. I loved the premise and the pacing of the story. It was fast paced and filled with witchy action and plot twists that managed to grab my attention.

However in this book I felt somewhat let down by the fact Stella and Ethan were solely focused on getting rid of Bishop curse and unlocking Ethan’s magic. Their daily life commitments were completely ignored. I mean Stella was on the verge of bankruptcy, with a failing business, a mortgage and business loan she was late on. Ethan was a candidate for office with a lot of responsibilities. I do understand staying alive mattered above all but while the author at least tried to show that Ethan was remotely managing his schedule, Stella’s financial troubles were all but forgotten. It actually made me wonder whether Stella would have actually made the decision to go into hiding with Ethan if he wasn’t a millionaire who could throw money around like it was nothing. It was as though the author had already decided Stella’s financial freedom and stability wasn’t important now that she had a rich man wrapped around her finger.

Another thing that still nagged me was the casual way the covens, even Stella brushed off murder. They didn’t even show an inkling of emotion, unless, UNLESS it was the murder or sacrifice of one of their own witches that was in question. Then Stella would “even shudder” to think of the possibility. The hypocrisy of it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

A good chunk of this short book was dedicated to Stella and Ethan’s physical intimacy scenes, not that I am complaining. lol! I loved their first time together. It felt believable and natural. There wasn’t any false macho shit from Ethan. He was vulnerable and wasn’t afraid to admit he might not be at his best as he was overwhelmed by their magical connection and the feel of Stella in his arms for the first time. That was really endearing and relatable.

The addition of shifter pack and their involvement in the story was really refreshing too.

Once again, Villainous Magic was a great book with a lot of promise. Recommended for anyone who is looking for a good but compact dose of witchy romance filled with action and suspense, not to forget spice!

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