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The Creators did not expect their beloved dragons to sail skyward upon their end. To curl into balls just beyond gravity’s grip, littering the sky with tombstones. With moons.

They certainly did not expect them to fall.

As a valued Elding Blade of the rebellion group Fíur du Ath, Raeve’s job is to kill. To complete orders and never get caught. When a renowned bounty hunter is employed by The Crown to capture a member of the Ath, Raeve’s world is turned upside down. Blood spills, hearts break, and Raeve finds herself at the mercy of the Guild of Nobles—a group of dual-beaded elementals who intend to turn her into a political statement. Only death will set her free.

Crushed beneath a mourning weight, Kaan Vaegor took the head of a king and donned his melted crown. Now on a tireless quest to assuage the never-ebbing ache in his chest, his hunt for a moonshard lures him into the belly of Gore’s notorious prison where he stumbles upon something that rips apart his perception of reality. A shackled miracle with eyes full of rage and blood on her hands.

The echo of the past sings louder than the Creators themselves, and even Raeve can’t ignore the truths blaring at her from a warmer, happier time.
There’s more to this song than meets the eye, and some truths …
They’re too poisonous to swallow.


Reviewed by Nethra Deckland

Sarah A. Parker really nailed it with When the Moon Hatched. Talk about getting sucked into a story! The whole world she created, with its gods, magical creatures, and the magical system with elemental powers, had me hooked right away. And let’s not forget the characters – they were relatable and multi layered. But what really blew me away was Parker’s writing style. It’s like she cast a spell with her words, pulling me deeper and deeper into the story until I couldn’t put it down. Trust me, you’ve gotta give this one a read.

Sure, there were a few little plot holes here and there in the book, but honestly, they didn’t take away from the big picture. I was so wrapped up in the story and the world Parker built that those little bumps didn’t bother me much. Overall, the whole thing was super immersive and well put together.

Raeve was hands down one of the most badass characters I’ve come across in a while. From the get-go, she just felt so real and relatable – I was totally smitten with her from the first few pages. Sure, she’s got this rough, tough exterior, and yeah, she can be a bit crass, sarcastic and stubborn to the point of being downright infuriating sometimes. But you know what? That’s what made her feel so authentic. She’s the kind of person who tries to bury all her baggage deep down and just soldier on, putting up this wall to keep everyone at arm’s length. And honestly, who hasn’t felt like doing that at some point? Raeve’s flaws just made her all the more believable and lovable in my eyes. Raeve had this knack for being unintentionally hilarious, and that candlestick scene? I couldn’t stop cracking up. It’s like she stumbled into these ridiculous situations without even trying, and it just made her even more endearing.

Kaan was such a gem of a character, and he really embodied the essence of a true king. What struck me the most was how he articulated the weight of his decisions, especially when it came to matters of war. It wasn’t just about charging into battle for him – he understood the gravity of his choices and the lives hanging in the balance. His perspective on the complexities of war, considering the lives of all those under his rule, really resonated with me. It added such depth to his character and made him feel incredibly believable as a ruler facing tough decisions. Kaan’s dynamic with Raeve was pure gold. What I admired most was how he handled their relationship – he wasn’t possessive or controlling like some typical love interests you see in romantasy novels. Instead, he respected Raeve’s independence, giving her the space to be herself and make her own choices. Even though his love for her ran deep, he never pressured her or tried to sway her decisions. Instead, he stood by her, supporting her every step of the way. It was such a refreshing portrayal of love and partnership, and it added another layer of depth to their characters and their connection.

The chemistry between Raeve and Kaan was off the charts, and what made it so special was the slow burn of their romance. It wasn’t all about instant sparks and steamy scenes from the get-go, which was actually a refreshing change from the typical romantasy novel formula. Instead, their connection unfolded gradually, mirroring Raeve’s journey of healing from her past traumas. Kaan’s patience and understanding, coupled with Raeve’s emotional complexities, added layers of depth to their relationship. It made their eventual romance feel all the more satisfying and authentic, like a slow-cooked meal that’s worth the wait.

The plot did have a bit of a slow burn to it, and I can see how some readers might have wanted a bit more momentum. A little extra refining to pick up the pace in certain parts could have kept the story flowing more smoothly. Despite that, the depth of the world building and character development really kept me engaged throughout. It’s all about finding that balance between depth and pacing, and while When The Moon Hatched leaned towards the slower side, it still managed to deliver a captivating read.

Despite the length of this book, I found myself wishing it could have been even longer. The story was just so intricate and multi-layered that it felt like there was still more to explore even though this was just the first installment. Sure, there were a couple of chapters that could have been trimmed down, and a few plot holes that could have used some patching up, but overall, it was an absolute joy to read.  From start to finish, I was completely hooked. Sarah A. Parker really knows how to spin a tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. And that cliffhanger at the end! Very excited for the sequel!

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