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Stella Aldren, a talented witch from Salem, has been chosen by her coven to fulfill a seventeenth-century curse that can only end in death.

If Stella doesn’t want to get herself killed, she needs to find Ethan Mather—the infamous witch hunter’s descendant who’s running for governor—pluck a hair from his head, make a poppet of his sexy-as-sin self, and…strike him dead.

No muss. No fuss. But when Stella stalks her prey at a political gala, sparks fly. And it’s more than their combustible sexual attraction. There’s an unforeseen and unknown magic swirling around the mysterious and devastatingly handsome candidate, and Stella can’t bring herself to kill him.

At least not until she discovers who Ethan Mather really is.

Unfortunately, Stella isn’t the only curious witch in town. A second coven from Boston’s underbelly has Ethan in their sights, putting Stella in the middle of a war between covens. One that wants him dead. And one that wants his power for their own dark deeds.

Now Stella is faced with an impossible choice: kill the enemy she’s falling for…or betray her coven by letting him live, putting herself in their crosshairs instead.

Either way, she loses, because if Ethan lives, it’s only a matter of time before dark magic engulfs him. And that could destroy them both.


Reviewed by Nethra Deckland

Wicked Coven by A S Green is the perfect start to a witchy romance series filled with action, witchcraft, suspense, mystery, a slow burning romance and spice with a pinch of humor, that digs it’s hooks deep in you. My only complaint about this book is that it was too short and I felt as though we only skimmed the surface of whatever mystery the author has in store for us. Actually I was pleasantly surprised how the author managed to weave a satisfactorily comprehensive story albeit compact in such a short amount of pages. It only attests to her talent as a writer and her writing skills because I’ve read many short novels in the past that crashed and burned miserably. I also loved the fact that the author was an actual descendant of one of the original Salem witches because I knew from the start she was going to do everything in her power to give justice to the story and I was absolutely right.

The writing was beautiful as well as the story within. The mystery surrounding Bridget Bishop’s curse, The Boston coven’s grimoire and Ethan’s hidden magic was skillfully integrated to the story leaving me wanting to know more. It kind of didn’t sit well with me how easily the coven decided that Ethan had to die  because of the curse, given that the author portrayed the current Salem coven as harmonious  and peaceful. No matter what the curse is or how gruesome the consequences would be if they break the curse, we were still talking about a stone cold murder of a human being, especially someone (although a direct descendant) who had nothing to do with the original Salem Witch Hunt.

Both Stella’s and Ethan’s characters were relatable and had depth. It was really easy to root for them. Their romance was beautifully written as well. I loved how Ethan wasn’t sure whether he was rushing things with Stella and Stella’s reluctance to fall for the man who she was instructed to harm. The side characters were a great addition to the story too although I wish we got to know both Salem and Boston coven members more. I really hope in the next installments we’d get a good grasp on their stories too.

To conclude the review, Wicked Coven is a great witchy romance that keeps you on the edge of your seat and a great start to a good series.

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